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[   ]Cued and Detached Representations in Animal Cognition (Peter Gardenfors).pdf186K 
[   ]Evaluation Report on Course Concepts in the Light of Evolution (Reza Maleeh).pdf263K 
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[   ]Feature-Placing and Proto-Objects (Austen Clark).pdf268K 
[   ]How to Think about Meaning (Paul Saka).pdf1.6M 
[   ]Language and Life History, A New Perspective on the Development of Human Language (John L. Locke , Barry Bogin-2006).pdf1.1M 
[   ]Lecture (The Evolution of Concepts, A Cognitive Linguistic Approach).ppt8.9M 
[   ]Memory for Action (Hubert D. Zimmer & Other).pdf 12M 
[   ]Neural Basis of Semantic Memory (John Hart,Jr & Michael A. Kraut).pdf5.8M 
[   ]Neurobiological Foundations of Religion and Science (Juan G. Roederer).pdf197K 
[   ]On a Confusion About a Function of Consciousness (Ned Block).pdf282K 
[   ]Perceptual Symbol Systems (Lawrence W. Barsalou).pdf700K 
[   ]Philosophy of Language (John Searle).pdf1.9M 
[   ]Prelinguistic Evolution in Early Hominins (Dean Falk).pdf1.0M 
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[   ]The Evolutionary Emergence of Language (Edited By Chris Knight & Other).pdf4.2M 
[   ]The Origins of Meaning (James R. Hurford).pdf4.9M 
[   ]Thinking Without Words (Jose Luis Bermudez).pdf 16M