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[   ]An Introduction to the History of Science (2).doc5.5M 
[   ]Astronomy & Mathematics in Iran after Islam (Najafi & Behmard).pptx 14M 
[   ]Astronomy in ancient China (Molaaie).ppt 10M 
[   ]Astronomy in ancient Greece (Mirzaaie).ppt3.8M 
[   ]Astronomy in ancient India (Saadeghi).pptx1.8M 
[   ]Education in Ancient Rome.pptx1.1M 
[   ]Mathematics in ancient China (Motallebi).pptx1.4M 
[   ]Mathematics in ancient Greece (Malek & Haashemi).ppsx3.6M 
[   ]Mathematics in ancient India (Moieni).pptx525K 
[   ]Natural Sciences in Iran after Islam (Afshaar).ppt469K 
[   ]Natural Sciences in ancient China (Alaahverdi).pptx1.6M 
[   ]Natural Sciences in ancient Greece 1(DaneshPajooh & Jaavid & Asghari).pptx867K 
[   ]Natural Sciences in ancient Greece 2-Chronology (DaneshPajooh & Jaavid & Asghari).pptx235K 
[   ]Roman numerals.pdf 67K 
[   ]Science in Iran before Islam (Mahdavi).pptx295K 
[   ]Science in ancient Rome (Jafari).pptx8.4M 
[   ]Translation movement (NajafPoor).pdf362K 
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